Prankers Pond Day 2006

The following pictures were taken at the 2006 Prankers Pond Day, held on August 27th at (of course) Prankers Pond in Saugus (sponsored by SAVE). Attendance was much lower than last year; this was probably due both to the occasional rain and the fact that it was held a week late due to heavy rains on the 20th.

A view from the far side of the pond.

Canoeing near the bank.

Deep in conversation.

Viewing the plant life.

Talking and playing.

Socializing by the swing set.

Canoeing and fishing on the far side of the pond.

Paddling the canoe.

Relaxing on the bench.

Getting ready for the treasure hunt.

A pleasant picnic.

Planting a new tree.

A myriad of discussions.

Granddaughter and Grandfather.