An Online Collection of Saugus Post Cards

These post cards showing the Saugus of yesteryear have been put on-line for your enjoyment. Clicking on an image will bring it up in much more detail, but be aware that the full images are fairly large JPEGs and typically take between fifty and a hundred fifty kilobytes each. Clicking on the left arrow at the bottom will bring up the next page of post cards, and clicking on the right arrow at the bottom (on pages after this one) will bring back the prior page of post cards.

Some pains were taken to maintain quality, so there should be little JPEG or scanner artifact (although some images do have a small amount of unavoidable scanner aliasing) but be aware that often the originals contain various artifacts. Early post cards rarely boast centered images and sometimes are not even square. Most of the cards in this collection were actually used and mailed during their lifetime, and the post mark would sometimes bleed through to the front. Any handwriting visible on the cards was added before the original mailing; sometimes the handwriting is more interesting than the picture on the card itself. Sometimes it is just cryptic -- a partial memory of the past that does not make sense when the rest of the story has been forgotten.

More post cards will be added periodically. If you have any post cards showing old Saugus and would like to put them online, please contact the at

Note: it has come to our attention that there is a bug in some versions of the MSIE browser that prevents people using it in combination with certain hardware (possibly including WebTV and AOL) from seeing all of the images. If you're one of these people (and if you see fewer than a dozen images on this page you are), you can try to obtain a fix from Microsoft (or AOL respectively) for the "image within reference" bug or alternately try a different browser. No other browsers have this bug, and for any platform that MSIE runs on (with the exception of WebTV) you should have a choice from some of the following for free: Firefox, Safari, Netscape, Konqueror, Camino, Amaya.

North Saugus? The Town Hall and Soldiers' Monument. Cliftondale
Felton School Saugus River and Salter's Mills
M. E. Church Ironmaster's House Cliftondale School
Cliftondale Congregational Church Old Post Office
Merchants' Row Soldiers' Monument Soldiers' Monument and Town Hall