Public Transportation

Guide to Saugus Area Public Transportation

Saugus' public transportation needs (like Boston's) falls under the mantle of the MBTA, a.k.a. the "T". Thus it is not surprising that the vast majority of public transportation in town is currently provided by the "T".

Bus Routes & Schedules


While there is no subway access in Saugus, two lines come close, the Orange Line ends in Melrose (Oak Grove Station) and passes through Malden (Malden Center Station) and the Blue Line terminates in Revere (Wonderland Station). A live view of train locations can be found on

Note that Toad Hollow Software Co. has a free application for Newton hand-held computers that helps navagate the Boston subway system. The MBTA also maintains a page of third-party apps to help use the MBTA.

Also, the Haverhill/Reading commuter rail line passes through nearby Wakefield and Malden Center.

The Association for Public Transportion may also have some information of interest. It covers not just Saugus and Boston, but New England in general.

Finally it should perhaps be noted that the Saugus Historical Society has published a book on the history of public transportation in Saugus.