Why A Web Page

Does my company need a web page?

Consider this answer a friendly wake-up call -- if your company is trying to do business in the new millennium and remain competitive with all of the other companies doing the same, then yes, you need a web page.

Companies that lack "web presence" are not treated as seriously as companies that have pages on the web. There are potential customers out there that will select or reject businesses based completely on web searches; if your business doesn't have a web page, you will not even be in the running.

Different types of companies will have different needs, though, and web pages offer a rich level of variety. While it is better for commercial organizations to have their own domain name (so they have an address like and an e-mail address like it is an expense non-profit groups can often avoid (they will instead get an address like and use their ordinary e-mail address). Likewise, while a company producing multiple products will benefit from having a subpage for each product, a doctor, lawyer, insurance agent, etc. will do quite well with a much simpler page. Restaurants can benefit from online menus, reservations, and ordering (especially at lunch time) and banks can benefit from posting up-to-date interest rates. Entertainment facilities (such as cinemas, theaters, concert halls, and sporting arenas) do well by posting upcoming schedules, and novelty / antique shops often succeed by taking credit card orders directly online. Virtually every kind of business can make use of the web in some way or another.

No matter how you view it, it's time to get a web site. is committed to helping local businesses get online with professional web pages. We will not try to sell you a page that is not right for your business or is more complex and expensive than your needs dictate. We will give you a high-quality page customized for your business, and we offer discounts both to non-profit organizations and Saugus Business Partnership members.

Together we can help the Saugus area enter the computer age.