Saugus Area Neighborhood Information

This page will serve as a free forum for the various neighborhood groups in town. If you're in charge of a neighborhood group, know someone who is, or have any general questions at all, please .

To answer a few of the common questions:

Does a neighborhood group have to be formal (like NoBlast or the Golden Hills Association) to be included here, or can it be an informal group?
There is no requirement for the neighborhood group to be formal. Any and all groups are welcomed.
If a group is informal and doesn't really have someone in charge, can anyone submit information for it?
So long as you're willing to take credit for the information you submit, you're welcome to submit away. If your neighborhood group has a newsletter, the newsletter editor is especially welcomed to contact us.
Can personal home pages be listed here?
Nope, but we will list your personal home page on the home pages page if you'd like.
How about nearby stuff of interest?
Nope, but events of interest in the North-of-Boston area can be freely posted in the Community Events Calendar, entertainment venues and sports teams in the general area can be posted on the Entertainment Page, educational resources in the general area can be posted on the Education Page, and other things of interest (places to go, sites to see, etc.) may be posted on the Surrounding Area Page.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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