ZIP Codes, Etc.

Looking for a particular ZIP Code?

Currently the only ZIP code used for Saugus is 01906. Lynnfield is 01940, Malden is 02148, Melrose is 02176, Nahant is 01908, Wakefield is 01880, and Lynn can range from 01901 through 01905. The ZIP code searches below will not only allow you to get any ZIP for any city in the U.S., but they will allow you to get the +4 extensions plus the proper ZIP for places like Lynn that have multiple ones. You will also be able to enter a ZIP code and find its matching cities and towns. You may find the official Post Office State & Territory Abbreviations helpful. All of this information is provided courtesy of the U.S. Post Office, and they have even more detailed information than what is provided here.

Please note that the US Postal Service has disabled this functionality.

Simple five digit ZIP Code for a city and state

Entering a city and state (such as "Saugus, MA") will result in all matching ZIP codes. Entering a ZIP code (such as "01906") will result in all matching cities and towns.

ZIP+4 Code for a full address

Entering a full address (such as "23 Main St.") and a city or town (such as "Saugus") and a two letter state or territory abbreviation (such as "MA") will result in the appropriate extended ZIP Code. This can be very helpful for multiple ZIP communities like Lynn.

Official Mail Abbreviations

While we're on the topic, it's probably worth listing all the proper abbreviations for streets and multiple unit dwellings. Sure, everyone knows that the proper abbreviation for "Street" is "St.", but what about "Turnpike" or "Parkway"? This little table answers these questions.

Alley Aly. Annex Anx.
Apartment Apt. Arcade Arc.
Avenue Ave. Basement Bsmt.
Bayoo Byu. Beach Bch.
Bend Bnd. Bluff Blf.
Bluffs Blfs. Bottom Btm.
Boulevard Blvd. Branch Br.
Bridge Brg. Brook Brk.
Brooks Brks. Building Bldg.
Burg Bg. Burgs Bgs.
Bypass Byp. Camp Cp.
Canyon Cyn. Cape Cpe.
Causeway Cswy. Center Ctr.
Centers Ctrs. Circle Cir.
Circles Cirs. Cliff Clf.
Cliffs Clfs. Club Clb.
Common Cmn. Corner Cor.
Corners Cors. Course Crse.
Court Ct. Courts Cts.
Cove Cv. Coves Cvs.
Creek Crk. Crescent Cres.
Crest Crst. Crossing Xing.
Crossroad Xrd. Curve Curv.
Dale Dl. Dam Dm.
Department Dept. Divide Dv.
Drive Dr. Drives Drs.
Estate Est. Estates Ests.
Expressway Expy. Extension Ext.
Extensions Exts. Fall Fall
Falls Fls. Ferry Fry.
Field Fld. Fields Flds.
Flat Flt. Flats Flts.
Floor Fl. Ford Frd.
Fords Frds. Forest Frst.
Forge Frg. Forges Frgs.
Fork Frk. Forks Frks.
Fort Ft. Freeway Fwy.
Front Frnt. Garden Gdn.
Gardens Gdns. Gateway Gtwy.
Glen Gln. Glens Glns.
Green Grn. Greens Grns.
Grove Grv. Groves Grvs.
Hangar Hngr. Harbor Hbr.
Harbors Hbrs. Haven Hvn.
Heights Hts. Highway Hwy.
Hill Hl. Hills Hls.
Hollow Holw. Inlet Inlt.
Island Is. Islands Iss.
Isle Isle Junction Jct.
Junctions Jcts. Key Ky.
Keys Kys. Knoll Knl.
Knolls Knls. Lake Lk.
Lakes Lks. Land Land
Landing Lndg. Lane Ln.
Light Lgt. Lights Lgts.
Loaf Lf. Lobby Lbby.
Lock Lck. Locks Lcks.
Lodge Ldg. Loop Loop
Lot Lot Lower Lowr.
Mall Mall Manor Mnr.
Manors Mnrs. Meadow Mdw.
Meadows Mdws. Mews Mews
Mill Ml. Mills Mls.
Mission Msn. Motorway Mtwy.
Mount Mt. Mountain Mtn.
Mountains Mtns. Neck Nck.
Office Ofc. Orchard Orch.
Oval Oval Overpass Opas.
Park Park Parkway Pkwy.
Pass Pass Passage Psge.
Path Path Penthouse PH.
Pier Pier Pike Pike
Pine Pne. Pines Pnes.
Place Pl. Plain Pln.
Plains Plns. Plaza Plz.
Point Pt. Points Pts.
Port Prt. Ports Prts.
Prairie Pr. Radial Radl.
Ramp Ramp Ranch Rnch.
Rapid Rpd. Rapids Rpds.
Rear Rear Rest Rst.
Ridge Rdg. Ridges Rdgs.
River Riv. Road Rd.
Roads Rds. Room Rm.
Route Rte. Row Row
Rue Rue Run Run
Shoal Shl. Shoals Shls.
Shore Shr. Shores Shrs.
Side Side Skyway Skwy.
Slip Slip Space Spc.
Spring Spg. Springs Spgs.
Spur Spur Square Sq.
Squares Sqs. Station Sta.
Stop Stop Stravenue Stra.
Stream Strm. Street St.
Streets Sts. Suite Ste.
Summit Smt. Terrace Ter.
Throughway Trwy. Trace Trce.
Track Trak. Trafficway Trfy.
Trail Trl. Trailer Trlr.
Tunnel Tunl. Turnpike Tpke.
Underpass Upas. Union Un.
Unions Uns. Unit Unit
Upper Uppr. Valley Vly.
Valleys Vlys. Viaduct Via.
View Vw. Views Vws.
Village Vlg. Villages Vlgs.
Ville Vl. Vista Vis.
Walk Walk Wall Wall
Way Way Well Wl.
Wells Wls.